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  • @chrisrohman's kids were so excited to pick up Dad's new CD today! #biggestlittlefans #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks to @pianoandviolinist for this super awesome shot of y'all worshipping with us in Chicago! #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks @maijapapayamn for this killer shot from tonight in Minnesota! Come by the merch table for some free stuff! :) // #thedreamisYou
  • #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks @erankins84 for hangin' with us in Maumee tonight! // stop by the merch table for some free stuff! :) #thedreamisYou
  • The Dream is here!! Link in profile.
  • 1 MORE DAY! The Dream // #thedreamisYou
  • Props to @jillschnabel for capturing this moment from tonight in Minnesota! We apologize for posting so time we're in town, come visit our merch booth for some free stuff! #thedreamisYou
  • TWO days until The Dream is available. Pre-order today and instantly receive #LayItDown and #HeadInTheFight. Link in profile.
  • @brummc22 captured a great moment for us tonight in Wisconsin! Don't forget to stop by the merch booth for some free stuff! :) // #thedreamisYou
  • THE DREAM // 10.14.14 // #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks @ohsnapitskay for this awesome picture from tonight! // Come by the merch booth after the show for some free stuff! :) // O-H.... #thedreamisYou
  • 4 DAYS until the release of #THEDREAM! #thedreamisYou
  • I like to call this 'Pieces of a Soggy CD.' Our fantastic merchandise manager @iamtylerhays doesn't let a little trailer leak get him down. He was drying these bad boys out with his hair dryer on the bus last night. Ask for the trailer special tonight if you want one ;) #sanctusreal #thedreamisYou