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  • Great shot from tonight in Florida! Thanks @peachetty for the photo :) // #thedreamisYou
  • // stellar photo from last night by @jonathankemp // #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks to @caroliinnnneeee for this brilliant picture of Seeeethhhh from toniighhttttt! (extra letters for emphasis) #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks @froggy_13091 for this killer shot from tonight at the Peanut Festival in Alabama! #powerstance #thedreamisYou
  • Somebody get this guy's autograph now...he's a future rock star! // #thedreamisYou
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  • Thanks @mgkosch18 for this awesome shot from our last tour stop in Wisconsin! // #thedreamisYou
  • Thanks @madi_44 for this cool shot from tonight in Indiana! #thedreamisYou
  • Props to @acshelby71605 for catching Chris havin' a ball tonight in Tennessee! And additional props to the Red Bull that he drank before the show for giving him that stellar glow...or maybe it was the rad lights by @mtmarcario // #thedreamisYou