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Safe In My Father's Arms

It’s been two years since we’ve heard new music from the multi-GRAMMY® nominated band Sanctus Real and they are excited to announce they are back with a brand new single. Titled “Safe In My Father’s Arms,” the song already the most downloaded and streamed tune according to PlayMPE one week after its' release.. “Safe In My Father’s Arms” is a reminder of how good it feels to know that we are all truly safe in God’s arms.  

“It was during a particular season of walking through so many unknowns when this song was written,” shares guitarist Chris Rohman. “We had to take a moment and look back so we could see the path God had brought us down. Once we did that, we wanted to write a song that expressed the joy we felt knowing God had been with us through it all and what it feels like to be held so lovingly by Him.”

Love for the broken and love for the lost

This is Chris, guitarist and founding member of Sanctus Real. Rolling past the 20 year mark as a band I can honestly say we are still amazed by what God is allowing us to do through our music. 

This year we've had the privilege of working alongside some great ministries. Most recently we’ve partnered with an organization called Cross International and were able to witness some incredible work being done in Nicaragua. I’d like to share a video with you from our trip… 

Gerald and Marisa are missionaries - true servants in my opinion, called to show God’s love to this tiny community in the jungle of Nicaragua. When we shot this video they weren’t currently being funded by Cross, in fact they were just faced with the reality of the funds they did have being completely cutoff. What that meant was the two meals a week they were providing the community was about to be shut down. I was moved tremendously when they shared how they remained hopeful that God would provide. 

Right there we decided we had to shoot a video to explain the needs they faced. We were floored to learn that after Cross received this video they found the means to provide the meals they were in immediate need of!  What an amazing thing to witness - and something I’ll never forget.  

This is what continues to move us as a band. Though we're humbled our songs have been heard by millions, what we still desperately desire is to reach those in need - wherever they are - with the hope of Jesus.

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